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56 min

Language: Italian
Subtitles: English
Country of Origin: Italy
Production: Italian Pediatric Association

Dear Mama is the story of 3 children you can easily fall in love with. They smile and shine like the sun, even if they have a dark, very dark past. The main characters, Cristina Dorina and Fabio, are just 3 of the over 15k children that every year escape from abandonment, sexual and mental abuse, and enter foster homes across Italy.

The documentary explores the foster care system, but from the inside thanks to the point of view of who lived and still lives it on a daily basis: the children themselves. It brings light on the emotional up and downs of being a foster child, who desperately everyday hope for a new family and a better life, who unfortunately are sometimes initially adopted but then rejected and sent back to the foster home, and who always ultimately all look for the exact same things: love and the chance of proving how great they are.